Project Manager (12 months Contract)
South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
Pretoria, Gauteng
Posted 26 March 2020 - Closing Date 17 April 2020

Job Details

Job Description


To manage, direct and lead the delivery of internal SABS projects as assigned towards fulfilment within budget, according to specification (quality and scope) and deliver by due date. Includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of the delivery team towards realising the project’s objective and outputs.


  • Define project objectives in support of business requirements as stipulated in the project justification proposal with supporting project benefit measurements
  • Acquire approval of the project management plan which includes all areas required to manage the various project phases
  • Ensure that the project management plan is within the parameters of the approved project justification parameters
  • Design and manage project control mechanisms to track project progress against the agreed upon project management plan
  • Establish and manage  project administration and infrastructure protocols to support project delivery and control
  • Plan, manage and direct the formal closure of the of the project
  • Institute and manage the implementation of control mechanisms and actions to address issues, risks or poor resource performance
Customer/ Stakeholder

  • Report on project progress and develop direct communications channels for the project
  • Plan and execute the project communication plan in order to maintain the required stakeholder and user satisfaction levels throughout the project
  • Plan and define suitable mechanisms to transition the project’s outputs to business so that ownership and accountability is moved from the project to the relevant stakeholders in due course
  • Establish and maintain a project escalation process within the various project work teams, the project management team and the project steering committee


  • Assess and define issues and risks (quantitative and qualitative) and formulate response plans to address the issues and risks in terms of cost, time and scope
  • Track and evaluate the effectiveness of corrective measures and actions to ensure project performance in terms of quality , time and cost
  • Design and implement change control mechanisms and any configuration management systems required by the project to manage variances to project scope, budget and/or timeframes
Competent and empowered employees

  • Lead and direct project resources towards creation of a measurable project implementation plan, inclusive of task schedule and supporting budget
  • Determine the required resource capability through internal or external contracted resources and/or capabilities
  • Plan and lead the project team so that the project’s objectives, constraints dependencies and risks are implemented and managed effectively
  • Direct team towards effective task performance against agreed upon individual and team performance standards
  • Direct and maintain initiatives within the project to educate, mentor and coach stakeholders including instituting corrective measures to improve project team deliverables

Minimum Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • B degree or national diploma in a related field
  • A project management certificate and/or diploma is essential.
  • Minimum 6 years’ relevant work experience in managing complex projects.
  • At least one year experience in a junior management or supervisory role
  • An ICT related qualification will be an added advantage
  • Proven track record in managing ICT projects is preferred.